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It is important to have a Will if you want to have your property distributed according to your wishes. It is equally as important to discuss the terms and provisions of your Will with an attorney who will be able to guide you regarding various issues that must be addressed when preparing your Will:
a)                  who will serve as the Independent Executor?
b)                  will that person serve without bond?
c)                   is there a need for a Trustee?
d)                  how do you handle bequests to a minor or incapacitated individual?
e)                  is there a need to name a Guardian for a minor?
f)                   are there tax issues to be addressed?
g)                  should the Court have any involvement in the administration of your estate?
h)                  are your assets primarily probate or non probate assets?

A Will can be changed any number of times provided the individual executing it is competent. Also, although it seems obvious, it is important to remember that Wills are only effective after death and when probated.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to discuss your Will please call and make an appointment. There is NO CHARGE for this consultation.